Optimizing Shipping Routes: Efficient Freight Solutions from China to the USA

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The cost of shipping cargo from China to the USA largely depends on the shipping option and the number of intermediaries involved. Optimizing the cargo transportation process will save money and time spent on transit, customs clearance, and delivery of goods to retail chains or end consumers in the United States.

Delivery of Goods from China to the USA: Alternative Options

The ocean between the two countries leaves companies with two methods of delivering cargo: ocean freight and air freight from China to US.

Advantages of Ocean Freight

If you want to save on the delivery of goods, you should choose maritime transportation:

  • FCL (Full Container Load) is an ideal option for suppliers with large volumes of goods who want to be independent from other shippers. The FCL allows you to easily modify the route, choosing the most optimal way for your company. The transit time is 27 – 35 days for express delivery and 35 – 40 days for regular delivery.
  • LCL (Less than Container Load) is the cheapest method of transportation since the cost of the container is paid by all shippers. The transit time is 23 – 28 days for express delivery and 27 – 35 days for regular delivery.

Advantages of Air Freight

If you are transporting perishable or precious goods, you should choose air freight. It allows you to deliver goods in just 7 – 10 days, which makes it an ideal option for urgent shipments.

An Optimal Route for Cargo Transportation with PartnerTrade

The 3PL operator PartnerTrade transports goods from China to the USA using any of the options mentioned above:

  • The company picks up goods from any city in China.
  • The cargo is sent to a warehouse in Yiwu for further shipment.
  • Depending on your plans, the cargo is sent to the company’s warehouses in Los Angeles or New York.
  • At the last stage, PartnerTrade delivers the goods to the final recipient in the USA.

Consult the company’s specialists regarding the most convenient shipping method. Careful planning will allow you to get discounts from carriers and avoid peak loads during the sales season.

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